Kaya as Ice cream anyone?

Did you just receive a gift set or ordered one of our home made product?

Here's are some ideas and tips contributed by our members and customers, on how to enjoy and have some fun with them. We encourage you to play with your food.


Crafted and curated by chef Brandon, our products are meant to be enjoyed in ways. They compliment each other, and many of what you (probably) already like. What you can do with them is only limited by your imagination. gratefully, our customers are a bunch of really imaginative bunch,and we love you for that.

Meet Chef Brandon



The obvious one would be on toast, but beyond that, biscuits, crackers, croissant & brownies (Mother Dough is our favorite) work too. Our original kaya have 50% lesser sugar than most 'healthier option' kaya in the market. At only 17g per 100g, versus 30g to 40g per 100g.

Pro Tip
Stick the jar in the freezer for 30 mins, and eat it straight out of the jar (we know, sinful, but so good!) or accompany it with rich, dark chocolate, coconut or vanilla ice cream.

Storage & Shelf Life
Keep your spreads refrigerated at all times, use a clean spoon or spatula. Ideally finished within 6 weeks. Dates and information can be found on the back of the label.

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Special Rempah

Shrimply irresistible... our special Rempah has a well-rounded, bold & complex flavors. Use this to spice up any dish, such as dry fish ball noodles, fried bee hoon or mee teh mak, use it as a dip or marinate for chicken wings. It goes well with savories pastries and pies too, or simply just spread it on a thick toast.

Pro Tip
Use as a dip for chilled, crisp vegetable sticks, such as cucumbers, carrots and celeries.

Storage & Shelf Live
Keep refrigerated and dry at all times. Finish within 6 weeks or up to 6 months in the freezer from manufactured date; although we doubt it will last that long.

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Patisserie quality curd right at home. Our curds are made with 4 to 5 ingredients only, and are super versatile. It works as a dip, spread, sauce and/or dressing.

Pair them with a sponge cake, dip your favorite butter cookie, or Kuih Buahlu. Fried food and salted egg are meant for each other.

Pro Tip
Turn the salted egg curd into a savory sauce by adding some salt, chilli powder and pepper, go the extra mile and fry up some curry leaves and serve it with prawns, fried chicken or just fries and chips.

Storage & Shelf Live
Keep refrigerated at all times, use a clean spoon or spatula.

Ideally finished within 6 weeks. Dates and information can be found on the back of the label.

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Cakes & Breads

Cakes & Bread

Apply a thick layer of our spreads on our cakes and bread to elevate the experience.

Pro Tip
Here are some of our favorite combinations.

Original or Gula melaka on the banana bread.

Kalamansi on our orange or pandan chiffon.

Storage & Shelf Live
Keep dry and away from heat sources, such as the sides of refrigerators, microwave or the stove at all times.

Ideally finished within 3 to 4 days. No preservative or anti-mold is used in the product.

Keep the salted caramel banana walnut cake refrigerated.

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