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Signature Orange Chiffon - 8 Inches

Signature Orange Chiffon - 8 Inches

Go Goh Catering

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Our Orange chiffon uses fresh Orange juice and zest that we blend at home. No artificial  colouring, flavoring and preservatives is used in our cakes. Ever. Expect a pillowy soft and moist cake that is great on its own, but perfect when paired with our Original Kaya Spread. Add a refreshing twist to your afternoon tea today.

Cakes are offered as a collaboration between Omage Foods and Go Goh Catering.

Plain Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Fresh Orange Juice & Zest, Vegetable Oil

Eggs, Orange

Storage Instructions
Keep dry at all times. Do not store in the fridge. To maintain freshness, please consume within 5 days from manufactured date. 

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