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Whimsical Christmas Set

Whimsical Christmas Set

Omage Foods

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Ducky Companion

This Christmas, we wanted to create something that is a little more atypical. So instead of a regular Turkey, we are opting, for a Duck.

Well seasoned, more flavourful, and juicier. Have a whimsical Christmas to wrap up your year.

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  • Cozy Ducky

    Something's a fowl and we are quitting cold turkey. Get cozy with ducky, a juicier, more tender and traditional bird this Christmas.

  • Ducky Companion

    Heart warming, tummy filling, generous slices of duck, paired with bee hoon tossed in ducky juices.

  • Dessert

    Made for royalties, with golden bars of premium french butter. This is the perfect way to round up the Christmas meal.

  • Wine

    Selected wines by our chefs and sommelier over at Le Rouge that pairs perfectly with our cozy duck and sweets.

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