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Meet Brandon & Avin

Our Story

Paying Homage

Omage (pronounced Ohm- azzh) is a play on the word 'Homage' & a philosophy that guides us in our creations. Expect a refreshing twist to traditions that is simple & kind.

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It's Awesome

Wow. This sugar free kaya is really awesome.
It's sweet and you can taste real pandan

Aaron Ho

Noms For Stressful Days

Had both the kayas. Original spreads like a mousse, had a distinct eggy taste, and I love it. Best of all, it doesn't have a sweet aftertaste. I'll love to nom on them on stressful days!

Nixon Azuki Tan


Just received my kaya, great delivery and super yummy kaya! had to stop myself from finishing all of it.

Galvin Tan

No Nasties

KX and mama’s breakfast with homemade kaya from @omagefoods
Yes! Made with love. ❤️ No nasties. Mama recommended as it is not so sweet.
Suitable for kids.


Si Ni

Reminisce of Younger Days

Original Pandan Kaya
Great fresh Pandan and not extract kinda taste.
The texture is thick, the flavor concentrated, the flavor is a reminisce of your parents’ younger days.



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